How to increase conversion of 3DS transactions – even with PSD2 becoming effective

Would you like to improve your 3DS conversion? Register and take the opportunity to discuss your questions with our 3-D Secure experts. Our experts Martina Forster and Tanja Steinhoff will present practical tips and options on how issuers can increase the performance of their 3DS solutions. Always with the aim of increasing the conversion and satisfaction of the cardholders, preventing fraud and at the same time complying with the regulations.

The following topics are covered in this webinar:

  • Risk scoring
  • Transactions from merchant apps
  • PSD2 Compliant SCA Exemptions
  • PSD2-compliant challenge methods

Our experts are happy to answer your questions. Send them via email to or contact them via LinkedIn.


Martina Forster

Senior Product Manager Secure Digital Payments

Tanja Steinhoff

Senior Product Manager Secure Digital Payments

More information

More information

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